Profesor Storm No. 13

Professor Storm No. 13 English edition - 24 new minde bending puzzles. This year's theme is The Nordic Nisse Games, where, among other things, there are competitions in Pole Vaulting, Church Bell Bowling and Porridge Bowl Throwing. Quirky math and logic problems.
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Release year: 2022.

Format: PDF.

E-book with 24 minde bending puzzles - one for each day in December until Christmas.

Every day a puzzle must be solved by thinking carefully. Sometimes you have to calculate, other times you mostly have to use your logical sense, and occasionally it may be necessary to dig back into school lessons. In addition to the puzzles , there is the answer to yesterday's assignment. The puzzles are separated by dates.

This e-book also includes a Nissepedia where you can learn about the some of the different types of nisse - like the Christmas nisse, the misprint nisse and the church nisse.

Pumpkin tasks, mathematical Christmas ball garlands and curling are among this year's tasks.

There is an option to print the assignments so that you can put a new assignment in your sock, on your desk, in your jacket pocket, on the breakfast table or wherever nisses puts calendar gifts every day.

Also available in Danish.